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If you are unfamiliar with print processes, it may be useful to understand these simple principle. In general there are two basic colour modes: RGB and CMYK. CMYK is the print colour mode. It is best not to print using colours set up using the RGB colour mode as these will be converted automatically and can provide unpredictable results. Most software used to create artwork provides the ability to set up colours using the CMYK colour mode. In special cases, where you require exceptional colour quality/accuracy and so opt for a litho print process, “special” colours can be used. Specified using the Pantone Colour Matching System these colours are printed using inks mixed to specific colours. By its nature, this option tends to cost more than standard CMYK colour printing.

How will you print my job?
Most jobs are printed four colour process (CMYK) using state–of–the–art digital printing machines. We also offer more traditional litho printing, including spot (Pantone™) colours. Please ask us if you’d like more detailed specifications.

What’s the difference between digital and litho print?
We offer both digital and litho printing. Digital printing has improved hugely over the last few years. In simple terms, digital printing machines are large, fast laser printers. There are no associated setup costs and they can print very good quality prints, almost instantly. This makes them very cost effective, particularly for relatively small quantities. It’s also very easy to personalise printouts by linking the output to a database of, for example, names and addresses. Litho printing is a technique that has been in use for many years now and involves large printing presses. There is setup time associated which effects how fast litho printing can be turned around but the quality is very high, you can achieve more special finishes and it is often more economical to print large quantities this way.

How are large format prints output?
Our large format prints are output using a inkjet and eco-solvent technologies onto rolls of paper, film, banner vinyl, canvas or cloth….the list is endless!. Size is really only limited to the width of the roll and its length. For a specific size, please give us a call.